Carol Wood "The Platoon Nana"


Shutterhugs creator, Brian Wood, owned and operated a premier Fine Art and Custom Framing Gallery for 28 years. Throughout his career, Brian worked closely with his mother, Carol Wood, who also owned an exquisite Antique & Art gallery for over 40 years.

Carol’s gift of writing manifested itself when she was a mere child. She began by rewriting lyrics to melodies in the church hymnal and the lyrics all reflected insight beyond her years. She coined the name SHUTTERhugs over 25 years ago for an art and poetry project. She was hesitant to use it because, as her son put it, nobody knows what a shutter is anymore! Now, he's the first to acknowledge she's a visionary and has always been ahead of the times.

Brian’s extensive experience as a custom picture framer served as a spring board to launch an innovative concept which he knew immediately would be called “Shutterhugs”. Which he refers to as an emotional trifecta….beautiful images with heartfelt sentiments and the opening reserved for your loved ones photo.

Carol’s poems strive to help the world be a better place. Her creativity is usually sparked by a news event, piece of music or life experience.

Carol has been married for 56 years and enjoys the love of 3 sons, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

We hope you feel the love, compassion and empathy that go into developing every SHUTTERhugs product.

Thank You